Microsoft 365 Project Management

Project or Task Management for teams or solo’s, Microsoft 365 has you covered along with third party addons.

Some of our suggestions that we have trialled, used and would recommend. In no particular order.

Microsoft 365 Planner – Part of the Microsoft 365 family for users with a business subscription. Integrates via an add in app with Outlook desktop and web versions. Works with Group features in Outlook. Powerful, easy to use and has great group features. Easy for One and power for a team. – Integrates easily and seamlessly with Outlook desktop or web version. A powerful product that can look after one user on their Free Plan right up to large teams with their Enterprise Plan. – Full and comprehensive tasks / project management system. Simple enough for the single user and powerful enough for full on large scale teams and projects. Straight forward integrate with Outlook. – Bright, colourful and fun task / project management system. Free version right up to Business version. One user or large team, they have you covered. Good and streamlined integration Outlook.