MeisterTask Meets Microsoft 365 for Project Management

Whatever your current work situation is, remote, back in the office full time , part time or in a transitional phase you need a robust, user friendly and reliable tool for project and task management. MeisterTask offers all this and more.

Remote Project Management
Remote Project Management

Whether your a sole entrepreneur or a large corporate, MeisterTask has you covered. It offers a seamless, attractive and powerful project and task management system. Were going to dive a little deeper and look at the solid integration between Microsoft 365 and MeisterTask.

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User Interface:

Sleek, stylish, colourful and mega smart. MeisterTask incorporates the Kanban style of project and task management. A newly created project offers a standard three Kanban boards which are fully customisable. Paid plans offer unlimited project groups and projects. The main dashboard displays projects groups and / or individual projects, the agenda view, reports and stats in projects and tasks. All of these views can be customised to suit the business as a group and the user as an individual.


The MeisterTask Add in is available from the Microsoft Add In store. It works with both browser and desktop versions. It allows you to add an email as a new project task directly within Outlook. Allocating the specific project and section. By default the Name line in the task is populated with the subject line from the email. The description of the task will auto populate with the body text from the email. These can be changed/customized at the time of task creation or later, to better suit the task and/or project. Easy and streamlined. This is what you need from any add in for Outlook. The MeisterTask add in can also be added in if you using Outlook on your mobile device.

When the task is viewed in MeisterTask it will display the Outlook integration along with a task id and date and times stamps that the task was created and updated. Very useful when assigning task to teams members both internal and external.

Looking for the add in or more information go the Microsoft AppSource store.


If your a Teams user, you can use MeisterTask within Teams for group collaboration. Let's face it, we have all been using Teams a lot, lately.

You can add MeisterTask to Teams through the Apps addin. You will be asked to assign MeisterTask to an Teams Channel or Team. You can choose an existing channel or team or create a new one. This is good if you wish to assign a specific team or channel for the use of MeisterTask. Set up a tab specific to MeisterTask, and that's it, your done and good to go.

MeisterTask will appear in a new tab within Teams. You are then free to collaborate within MeisterTask whilst on a Teams call, presentation or meeting. Need more info, have a look here.

Microsoft 365 Groups:

The integration between Microsoft 365 and MeisterTask allows you to connect, collaborate and keep in touch with your team. The connection between the two platforms is called a Power-Up. This can be configured for all Projects within MeisterTask or one individual Project, depending on you users and group requirements.

Power-Ups are found in the Project Properties section. First, add the Microsoft 365 Power-Up for the project creating a connection between the MeisterTask Project and your Microsoft 365 group.

When the connection is done, again in the Project Properties section go to Automations and then Add an Automation. Choose Microsoft 365, when adding the Automation you have a choice of which Kanban Board of the Project you want the group to receive a notification, i.e. Open, In Progress, Done etc. You can add further Automations allowing you to configure more Kanban Boards / processors. Choose the Kanban Board and your done and ready to collaboration with your Microsoft 365 group.

This features keeps an instant connection between Microsoft 365 and MeisterTask. It keeps everyone in the loop in real time so nothing falls through the cracks. Need to know more, check out MeisterTask support article.