Microsoft 365 / MeisterTask Integration

Updated: Apr 27

So we are back into it. Whether you're working from home or back in the office collaboration and seamless integration with your software will make or break your day. Remote communication and collaboration is here to stay. So this is where MeisterTask comes in. Most of us are probably using the Microsoft 365 suite of products. Don't get me wrong Microsoft 365 offers great collaboration tools but, sometimes a bit too much or too complex for small to medium businesses. If your an SME chances are you're probably after something that can handle just about everything. Task, projects, reminders, team collaboration etc.. MeisterTask is ideal. It's sits seemisley with Microsoft Outlook allowing you to create tasks from emails.

If your interested in trying MeisterTask contact us to arrange a demo session or perhaps your after some training for your staff book an online training session with us. We offer generous discounts for all MeisterTask paid plans.

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