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Updated: Feb 13

Hope you're settling in to the new year. Were in February already. It seems like a good time to share some of the latest updates.

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Price Increase:

From 1 March 2021, the price of Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans will increase by $2 a month in Australia. If you use Xero Cashbook, Xero Ledger or Payroll Only, there’s no increase. This web page tells you more.

General Updates:

Bank reconciliation. Less suggested matches and more ready to reconcile transactions than ever before.

PayPal Commerce Platform. PayPal’s new payments API - PayPal Commerce Platform. The new integration with PayPal requires users to have or upgrade to a free business account and to verify their account before they can start accepting payments.

New invoicing. Apply overpayments & prepayments: When you create an invoice, if there’s credit available for the contact, Xero prompts you how much credit is available and asks if you’d like to apply it to the invoice.

Cash Validation Customer report. Run the Cash Validation Customer report to support a business loan application with a bank or finance company.

New report settings & filter search. Redesigned report settings and added a search function to the filter on some of the new reports to make it quicker and easier to filter your data.

Statement of Cash Flows. Added a row to show the effects of exchange rate changes on cash to the Cash and Cash Equivalents section of the report.

Help menu. The new help menu uses improved machine learning to ensure that the suggested Xero Central articles are relevant to the screen you’re on, and your region.

Expenses & Projects:

Xero Expenses & Projects. Added a 'Try in demo' button to our new in product Expenses and Projects landing screens, giving you a chance to play around with dummy data and decide if they’re right for you.


Duplicate document alert. When you email or manually upload a document, Hubdoc checks to see if it's a duplicate with an existing document and gives you the opportunity to delete it.

Link to Xero:

All documents you publish to Xero from Hubdoc have a link in Hubdoc under the ‘publish details’ that allows you to click directly through to the transaction in Xero.

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