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Business to Business Online Computer Training

The Temporary Alternative, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a boutique software training company offering online training services for businesses looking to upskill and improve the efficiency of their employees. With specialised training programs that are built to your business and staff needs, we're ready to help you learn and improve your skills in MeisterTask, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero.

Why Online?

Learning online gives a number of advantages. You'll save on time and money, so we can fit within your budget - large or small. And with the added flexibility, you can learn anywhere, at any time, to suit your needs. We'll even offer pre-recorded training sessions for your business. Because online training offers you greater flexibility, our shorter training times helps ensure better participant retention. Our online training is suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our Services



Online computer training is what we do. We offer you a broad range of training options to equip your staff with the tools to work more efficiently and help your business keep up to date in the fast, ever changing IT space. We work with our SAAS  providers and focus on MeisterTask,  Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Xero and MYOB.   We look forward to training you.



Consulting and training often work hand in hand to help make your business more efficient, accountable and profitable.

We work with your business to understand your systems and see value in the information you have.  Let us show you how your business can achieve more and operate more productively.  Find out how our consulting services will work for you.


Post training support is offered to everyone who has been trained by us.  We provide a range of support services designed to assist your company's success.  Whatever your requirements are we can design a support program that works for your staff and business.   Post training support is offered with our online option.  Choose what works for you.  Contact us today to discuss.


The Temporary Alternative, based in Melbourne, Australia, offers extensive online training for a range of software. Choose your own training topics day-to-day, or allow us to train you on software essentials. Learn more about each of our training offerings below and equip your team with the tools to work efficiently in the fast, ever-changing IT space.


Our training covers MeisterTask project and task management and third party add ons, focusing on team collaboration.  We like to use your own data during the training sessions so you can become more familiar with MeisterTask for your business.

Microsoft 365

Fully customised beginner to advanced levels of training for Microsoft Office & 365. Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint,   OneDrive, Project, Teams, SharePoint & 3rd Party Addons. We train in both cloud and desktop versions.  Training by Certified Partners.


Our training covers MYOB Essentials to AccountRight and third party add ons, as well as general overview & settings. We'll even use your own data during training so you can become more familiar with MYOB and your business.


We offer training for QuickBooks using your data. We cover general overview & setup, data file setup, debtors and creditors, payables and receivables, reports/BAS/GST, and more.  Our training suits beginners through to the advanced user.


We'll take you from A-Z in Xero; we'll even setup your system to go live. We offer training in third party add-ons and working in the cloud. We cover topics like general overview & settings, data file setup, bank feeds, and more.

Our Mission To You

At The Temporary Alternative, our mission to you is simple, we provide the best training experience to help your staff become more productive and competent in the ever-changing landscape of IT services. We enable you to make the most of your business software with a range of extensive and tailored training services. 

Our Goals





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The Temporary Alternative

The Temporary Alternative is a boutique IT training company based in Melbourne,  Australia, specialising in online computer training. We offer a range of online training services designed to help your business and staff reach their full potential. Our services are fully customised and tailored to suit each business, so you can get exactly what you need.

Level 3, 2 Brandon Park Drive

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Monday to Friday

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