Frequently Asked Questions about Online Computer Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online training? 
​Training is conducted on line via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
Do you train groups?
Yes we do.  Get in touch with us to discuss pricing and content for your group or simply submit a Quote Request and we will get back as soon as possible.
Do you training outside the Melbourne area?
Yes we do.  That's the advantage of online learning.  You can be located anywhere.  We conduct training Australia and world wide.

Do you offer training out of hours?
Our training hours are normally Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm.  However, training outside these hours can be organised by prior arrangement.

How do you know what level of training we need?
Based on your initial enquiry, we'll be in contact to find out your specific requirements and what works best for your business.  We then structure suitable training session(s) to suit your needs.

What do I need for the training session?
All you need is yourself, a desktop or laptop, internet connection and your questions.  It's that easy.

Do you offer training notes / manuals?
Yes.  Notes and cheat sheets are free of charge with the training session.  Training manuals can be purchased through us.  Manuals are supplied by our third party supplier.

Can I request a copy of the training session recording?
Yes.  You will asked when you submit your booking form for training.  The recorded training session will be emailed to you at completion of your training session along with notes and / or training manuals.

Do you offer support?
Yes.  We offer post training support to everyone who been trained with us.  Talk to us about what works best for you.

How do we pay?
Payment is required prior to the training session at the time of booking via credit card or direct debit.

What are the prices?
Pricing is customised to suit your budget.  All our pricing is GST exclusive.


Do You Offer Certificates or Accreditation?

We don't offer certificates or accreditation as were are not a registered RTO.  We will however, offer feedback if required to assist with job recruitment.