By now you have probably been bombarded with articles and information about what apps you should be using to create an easier remote work environment. So in this article we will go through a few in no particular order or preference.

The golden rule for compatibility is to keep all your apps in the same platform. What does this mean? i.e. If you are using Microsoft 365, try and use apps and / or add ons that are part of the Microsoft 365 suite or products or are recommended for use by Microsoft. This will be the same if your using Google Workspace. All of these add ons or apps will have been pre set and administered by your IT administrator. Let's have a look in a little more detail.

Microsoft 365 Business Editions

OneDrive - File storage (both local and in the cloud), collaboration, sharing and setting permissions. If you using Microsoft 365 on your desktop OneDrive can be installed so that files are constantly syncing in the background from Cloud to Desktop and back to the Cloud.

SharePoint - Does everything OneDrive does but more. Often used to build a company portal where all relevant information is available to everyone. Files can be stored for group collaboration both internally and externally.

Teams - Part of the 365 family and used for one on ones, meetings, training, screen sharing, phone calls etc.. Everything you would do in person but now done on line. If your using Outlook as your email client you can use Teams to create, send and track meeting invites.

Google Workspace

Google Drive - Works in the same manner as OneDrive, just the Google version. Google also offer a desktop sync app for continuous file syncing.

Meet - Works as the Google version of Teams. The difference here is that Google Workspace is cloud based so there is no desktop add in available. Meet can be installed at a group organizational level or individual user level.

Chat - Is used as a messaging app used internally and externally for teams.

Sites - Is similar to SharePoint whereby it can be used to create an internal portal. It also can be used to create basic websites.

Add Ons

All work well and are compatible with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms.

Task and Project Management - Asana, Trello, MeisterTask and Todoist.

Collaboration and communication - Zoom.

Hopefully this has helped. If you need more information or some training get in touch and we can help you out.

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